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There are so many different fields of study available to Canadian students. There are short vocational-based training programs offered through trade schools, and there are university programs that only get started with a bachelor's degree, and are then continued on with a master's degree or a doctoral degree.

An example of each would be auto body repair training programs which don't last very long and which provide you with the basic training to work in a car repair shop, and psychology graduate degree programs which start at four years, and then continue on for several more years. While some students stop after their bachelor's degree, in order to become a practicing psychologist, an advanced degree is required.

Some Canadian residents will head down to the USA for college. Many students in the mid-section of the country consider an upper Midwest university in Minnesota or Wisconsin. The University of Minnesota attracts a lot of international students. It's also has one of the biggest student bodies in the country. Plus, it's situated directly in a major city. Most colleges in the midwest are located in either the outskirts of a big city or in a small city. You can find out more about other colleges in the Minneapolis/Twin Cities area.

Other students head further south. Some students are drawn to the warmer climate of southern California, Texas or Florida. The options are pretty limitless. You can study design now in Los Angeles or train to be a top chef in Houston, Texas. The choices are many, you just have to narrow them down for your situation.

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